Andy Bleck

Naturmuseum Senckenberg (pen and ink on A3) 2005

This is a sequence. Every drawing contains a detail of the following drawing. Sometimes this is obvious, but often difficult to find.

First a (visual) explanation. A red circle shows each detail and connects it to the same object in the the following drawing.
Scroll down for the actual (large) drawings.

Euoplocephalus 80-68m, 'Quetzi' (Quetzalcoatlus) 70m, T-Rex 70-65m

Triceratops prorsus 70-65m

Plateosaurus 220-210m, Triceratops elatus 70-65m

(left) Placodus Gigas 200m

(left) Ophtalmosaurus Icenicus

Plesiosaurus 150m

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, Iguonodon (leg: Brachiosaurus 155-145m)

Iguonodon 135-110m, back:Psittacosaurus (model & original), Stegosaurus Stenops

Psittacosaurus 120-97m, Stegosaurus Stenops, Parasaurolophus

Diplodocus 155-145m, Oviraptor with Nest

Adabra Giant Tortoise, Sable Tooth Tiger (34m-10.000)

Edmontosaurus 75-65m

Anaconda swallowing Capybara

Hippopotamus (top: Drudon adtrox 40m / Ancient whale)

African Elephant

Dwarf Elephants 70.000 years ago

Müdorfer Urelefant (10.000), Amerikanischer Urelefant (10.000)

Finnwal, Schertwal, Narwal

Grindwal, Entenwal (back - Findwal)

Findwal, (top left: Drudon adtrox 40m / Ancient whale)

Basilosaurus (ancient whale 40m)

Dugong (Sea Cow), Sable Tooth Tiger (34m-10.000)

Sable Tooth Tiger (34m-10.000)

Anaconda again

Toy vulcano with steam

entrance to 'Grube Messel' room

Crocodiles and Snake from Grube Messel (47m)

Ancient (mini) horses from Grube Messel (47m)
top: Lophiodon (Unpaarhufer), Hyrachyras (Tapir)
middle: Prohalaeotherium hassiacum, Hallensia matthesi,
bottom & model: Propalaeotherium parvulum